Q. What are the advantages of a 12v system over a 120v system?

  • Installation is up to 90% cheaper than a high voltage system.

  • Economical due to the fact that LEDs use less energy and save you money.

  • 12v systems are much safer than 120v systems.

  • A wide variety of wattage , beam spreads, and color tempeeratures which gives us the flexibility to accent your house and yard to bring out the Beauty, Safety, and Security you exspect.

  • Compact fixtures that blend more naturally. 

Q. Why do LED lights look BLUE?

  • In the mid 1990s when the first high-brightness (BLUE) LEDs first revealed, they were actually meant to be representative of bright white light. Technology has advanced since then, but many people still remember the efforts to create high powerd white light and ask, Why do LED lights look blue? While those attempts were the beginings of the ultra bright white LED lights as we know them today, the fact of the matter is, they were still far on the blue side of the spectrum.

  • Today if LEDs are blue it's because that's the color temperature the manufacturer selected for that light.

  • What does "Color Temperature" mean?

  • Color Temperature is measured in degrees of kelvin and is a measure of part of the color spectrum found in light.

  • Think about com,paring the light from the sun from sunrise to sunset. At noon the light is white and at sunrise and sunset the light looks more yellow or even has a red tint.

  • Lower color temperatures will look more yellow, to pure white and eventually bluish if the kelvin is high enough, like you might find on some of the blue tinted headlights on cars.     

Q. Are all lighting systems equal in terms of quality and function?

  • No! A package system won't look as nice as one we've made custom for your house.

  • Most boxed "kit" systems are manufactured using inferior metals and plastics that will decrease the life of your system and cause frustration and disappointment.

  • Our commercial grade product has specifi brightness and sizes. (of what is being illuminated) One light does not fit all uses!

Q. Can I install a landscape lighting system myself?

  • Using a professional designer is recommended, do to the fact that professional equipment is utilized along with commerial grade materials and products. (Most do-it-yourself lighting products don't last more than 1 year)

  • Our professional designers have attended and completed design and installation clases and continue to do so, as we want to bring the best and the latest techniques to your home or business.

Q. Why do I need landscape lighting?

  • Your new lighting design allows you the luxury of enjoying outdoor life at night.

  • Your custom lighting design will create a glowing nightime environment to welcome youe guest and "WOW" your neighbors.

Q. What are the benefits of a lighting system?

  • Beauty - With the options of fixtures. We can accent the architectual features instead of flooding it with liht.

  • Safety - Get more time out of your outdoor space with the added confidence to see without being blinded by light.

  • Security - Proper landscape lighting is a great way to keep unwanted intreders away and who wounldn't want to protect they're family and improve they're home as well.

Q. What does a professionally designed system cost?

  • Every project is different and custom designed for your needs, it's impossible to have a set price for every design, but a good average is around 1% of the homes property value.

  • Many factors also come into play such as quantities, property size, fixture type, obstructions (sidewalks, driveways, ect.)

  • The initial expense is well worth the extended life and unlimited options available from your new professional system.

Q. Will my lighting system be harmful to my garden?

  • Most of our work is done with hand tools causing minimal disturbance to your landscape and lawn.

Q. What type of maintenance will my lighting system require?

  • We offer a maintenance program to come out as little as twice a year or as much as monthly depending on your needs.

  • Some examples of maintenance can include:

  • Cleaning and electricial check of transformer

  • Timer/Photo cell check

  • Cleaning fixtures

  • Removing debris from lights and transformers

  • Trimming dead vegetation from around fixtures

  • Adjusting crooked fixtures due to small ground shift

  • Trear for ants and/or other insects (only around fixtures)

Q. What kind of warranty comes with my system?

  • We know our customers are what keeps us in business, so we are proud to offer a 10 year. Let me say that again. We offer a 10 year warranty on all fixtures and a 1 year on labor.

  • If you ever have a problem with your lighting system, let us know and we will send one of our skilled specialists as promptly as possible.


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